The client for this vessel already owns several waterfront properties in N.Z. and wanted something a little bit different this time round ie. a floating beach home!
Broadly speaking, the requirements for the vessel are as follows:

1. Low maintenance hull and superstructure. Simply shaped for ecomomical construction.

2. As much accommodation as possible in 10.5m overall length, the interior should be easy and economical to install.

3. Ability to navigate in restricted waters ie. Bay of Islands, inner Hauraki Gulf or Lake Taupo etc.

4. The ability to fit into his marina berth for shoreside living.
Initially, a shallow barge or scow type monohull was envisioned but in order to make the vessel more seaworthy and easily-driven, a catamaran hull form was decided upon. Depending on the choice of hull material (the first boat will be all aluminium, but steel is also a possibility) a total power of between 30 and 45hp will result in a comfortable cruising speed of 6/7 knots. In the first vessel, twin inboard diesels of between 20 and 25 hp each are being considered.

As mentioned previously the first boat will be completely built of marine grade aluminium alloy (initially more expensive) to keep the maintenance costs to a minimum. The only paint on the structure will be antifouling on the hull, a nonskid coating on the deck and a reflective coating on the cabin roof.
As is evident on the GA, the interior will be easy to fit out, utilising household fittings, in the box shaped deckhouse. The accommodation is entirely above deck level with no poky cabins in the hulls. There are no complicated stairwells etc. to construct. The layout shown is for two couples or a family of four if one cabin was to be fitted with upper and lower berths. Alternatively one cabin could be omitted in favour of an office, creating the perfect “work-from-home, afloat” scenario!

Principal Characteristics:
LOA - 10.5m (40′ 3″)
DWL - 9.5m (37′ 4″)
Beam - 5.5m (13′ 10″)
Draught - 0.77m (4′ 1 “)
Power - 2x 20/25 hp
Speed - 6 to 7 knots
Material - Hull: Steel or Aluminium
Deckhouse: – Aluminium only