12m Alloy Ocean-Cruising Sloop – Design #121


This design is currently being completed for Ross Andersen, a well respected New Zealand yacht and shipbuilder. Since initial discussions commenced in August 2012 we have progessed from steel construction to alloy for less displacement and improved performance. Right now we are talking through the issues of changing to a lifting keel configuration with twin rudders so that the boat can be beached and operated in shallow water.

Outboard Profile and Cabin Arrangement shown below.

Principal Characteristics:

11.99 metres

LOD (Length on Deck) -11.77 metres
DWL - 11.12 metres
Beam - 3.84 metres
Draft - 1.90metres/1.10 metres
Displacement (Half Cruising Load) - 8865 Kg
Sail Area (Main + 100% Fore Triangle) - 73 m²
Power - 40 Hp