26m Mussel Harvesting Catamaran


This has been one of the most interesting concepts which we have had the privilege of being involved with this past few years. Our discussions regarding harvesting methodology with the client, a well-respected contractor in the North Island marine farming industry, have led to this unique vessel. We believe that it more than adequately addresses the particular needs of this specialized industry.
Mussel harvesting operations dictate that a huge load needs to be stored and carried quite some distance, often in choppy conditions. Typically the vessels currently operating are monohull barges, working the farms from one side of the vessel. Beam is restricted due to access between the backbones (lanes) of the farm. Furthermore these barges pound to windward quite significantly.
We have chosen a catamaran configuration with moonpool access to the backbone ropes. Therefore we can widen the beam to provide huge deck space for the load and the harvesting gear. One might argue that catamarans do not have a high load carrying capacity but in reality the displaced volume of our hulls is at least equal to a comparable monohull barge. And yet the bow shape will not produce significant pounding in a seaway. Fully laden we can guarantee 12 knots of boatspeed and that is a plus in getting to the unloading dock first.
What else needs to be said? If you are in this business then study the drawing carefully and you will notice 101 small improvements which result in an efficient way of working your marine farm.

Brief Specifications:
LOA - 26 m (85′ 4″)
DWL - 24.5 m (80′ 5″)
Beam - 8.2 m (26′ 11″)
Draught - 1.0 m lightship (3′ 3″)
Draught - 1.45 m fully laden (4′ 9″)
Power - 2x Scania DI 12 Diesel Engines
Speed - 12 knots fully laden