The brief for this unique vessel was to create an underwater viewing boat for up to 14 passengers to be operated in tourist areas/resorts with convenient access to sites of marine attraction e.g. coral reefs. Furthermore the vessel was to be limited in size so as to be trailerable and/or would fit into a standard 40′ shipping container. Other constraints were compliance with NZ MSA stability requirements such as an angle of heel no greater than 15 degrees with all the passengers on one side of the vessel.
The resulting hull form is what I would call a trimaran with the central hull being deep enough to contain water ballast and a viewing pod for up to 14 passengers. The vessel would be operated by a single crew member in the control station on deck. The outboard profile is vaguely submarine-like (remember, however, that this is a surface vessel!) for entertainment value and there is fixed seating on deck for those wishing not to be in the pod during transits to the marine attraction site. Principal access to the viewing pod is via a 650x650mm hatch at the aft end of the deck seat. Note also the emergency exit from the forward end of the viewing pod through a hatch built into the forward end of the control station.

Hull and deck construction is of cored and solid GRP. Power comes from twin 25hp outboards that will push this heavy vessel at a comfortable 5/6 knots.

The client for this vessel has regrettably moved on to other endeavours so it has not yet been built. I am hopeful that one day this will change as it remains one of the most interesting design projects I have undertaken

Brief Specifications:
LOA - 7.3m (24′ 0″)
Beam - 3.45m (11′ 4″)
Draught - 1.765m (5′ 9.5″)
Power - 2x 25hp
Speed - 5-6 knots
Complement - 1 crew & 14 passengers