9.15m SuperYacht Tender – Design # 082


This RIB was designed and built (by AMF boat Co. Ltd) in 2008 as a replacement tender for a superyacht undergoing a full refit in Auckland. She is a development of our successful 9.5m QRV RIB design of which there are now 3 in service and a further two under construction.

Due to the particular constraints of stowing this tender between decks on the mothership the design is much modified and largely unrecognisable as a sister to the 9.5m QRV RIB. In particular this vessel is powered by a single inboard diesel driving a Hamilton waterjet. Dimensionally the cabin is very low profile to fit into the recessed bulwark structure. Overall length is similarly truncated.

The primary role of this tender is for diving/adventure/fishing excursions away from the mothership so the arrangement is suitably modified. Within the raised cabin the seating is fully shock-mitigating for increased comfort when coming home after a tough dive excursion.

The electronics and safety gear also reflects the independant nature of the operations envisaged for this RIB. forward, the cuddy has twin full length berths and ample stowage for dry clothing and provisions etc.

Altogether there’s a lot happening in quite a small package and it was a challenge getting it all to fit in. AMF Boats have done another excellent job on this boat and by all accounts the clients are very happy with the boat.