AFC 1175 (39′) Fast Cruising Cutter #80


On the face of it this design is no different to our earlier LISO 39′ Cutter design. Dig a little deeper and you will see the AFC 1175 is a different animal entirely.

Our client for this fast cruising design, newly arrived in NZ after a painfully slow, light-air crossing of the Pacific from Seattle in a 32′ cold-molded cutter decided he wanted to upgrade to a larger boat capable of putting in higher-than-average daily runs, particularly in lighter breezes.

In comparison to LISO this version now sports 11% more upwind sail area (excluding the roach in the new mainsail) and over 30% more downwind sail area. Wetted surface has decreased by 8%, Ballast has decreased by 7.5% and is now in the form of an external lead bulb with a 25% deeper draft than the original. Overall displacement can be reduced by a larger amount still, given the use of lightweight interior panels but we as designers are not counting on this.

There are other minor weight savings throughout such as the rudder which has now been modified to a fully-balanced spade with a composite blade and high strength stainless steel stock. A change most obvious is the large A-sail flown off a retractable carbon-fibre bow prod. The latter is off-centre to port and the bow rollers have been modified to compensate for this and to accommodate the ROCNA 25Kg anchor which will now be carried as standard.

Interior-wise the layout is largely unchanged from the earlier version of the design, at this stage there has been some discussion about creating a private, aft cabin where the starboard quarter berth is currently located but the impact on the nav-station will mean compromises need to be made.

February 2008 sees the start of construction of the first AFC 1175 right here in Auckland at Pine Harbour. We are looking forward to the launch of this boat sometime in June/July 2009.
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Principal Characteristics:
LOA - 11.995m (39’ 4.2”), excl. retractable Bow Prod which adds 1020mm
LOD - 11.75m (39’ 1.5”)
DWL - 10.56m (34’ 7.8”)
Beam - 3.75m (12’ 3.6”)
Draft - 2.10m ( 6’ 10.7”)
Sail Area - 75.5 m² (812.7 sq. feet), excl. roach on main
Power - 40 Hp Yanmar
Hull Material - Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy