AFC 33’ SLOOP – DVD#052

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A keelboat being produced by a hardcore powerboat builder in NZ for a price comparable to that of the plastic imports! Are we a few pickles short of a cocktail snack?
Fact or fiction?

The keelboat fleet in NZ is not getting any younger and requires expensive, on-going maintenance
It is cost-effective to build keelboats under 15metres in NZ for prices equal to those of the European imports
The plastic imports don’t look too flash after a few seasons hard use in Kiwi conditions
It is possible to build an unbreakable boat with scintillating performance
Solid, reliable Kiwi-built ingenuity in a no-frills, uncluttered package
12 year warranty for a hull and deck structure.
We believe they are all true. Interested? Now read on. It is our aim to produce this boat from marine-grade aluminium alloy with an unpainted or clearcoat finish. AMF Boat Co. in Tauranga have a legendary reputation for tough, uncompromising, offshore-capable powerboats. All hulls produced have a 12 year warranty and so will this boat. Their workmanship is second to none found anywhere. If you have considered the European imports and are still not convinced then this will be the boat for you.
Aside from the structural issues this boat will feature:

Reduced beam for improved performance.
A stable, balanced hull with exceptional control in all conditions.
A generous interior layout not intended for a charter fleet. Retro-styling which is good looking and easy to maintain.
Radius-chine hull indistinguishable from a round-bilge shape (or the option of a single chine hull).
Tall or short fractional rig to suit owner’s aspirations.
Performance bulb keel with 2 draft options (or the option of a lifting keel).
Suitable for family cruising, club and coastal passage racing and offshore voyaging.
Low maintenance exterior finish. Synthetic teak deck or similar.
Contact us today to reserve your build slot for early 2006.

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Principal Characteristics:
LOA - 10.0 m (32’ 10”)
DWL - 9.5 m (31’ 2”)
Beam - 3.0 m (9’ 10”)
Draught - 1.6/2.0m (5’ 3”/ 6’ 7”)
Sail Area - 53.0 m² (570 sq. feet)
Power - 18 – 20 Hp
Displacement - 3800 Kg (8378 lbs)