Benford 38.5′ Florida Bay Coaster – Design # 065


This is the second major collaboration between de Villiers Design and the Benford Design Group ( She is a smaller sister to the 55’ Coaster described elsewhere on this site.

Aside from the size difference the 38.5’ Coaster is designed for aluminium alloy construction and not steel, as was the 55’ Coaster. This boat was designed for an Australian client and was built by Cairns Custom Craft ( in sunny North Queensland. Attached are the most recent photo’s as she emerged from the paint shed as well as some of the earlier construction shots.

Again this is a vessel not shy on accommodations but due to the smaller length the waist deck is absent. Briefly, from aft on the lower level we have the saloon, stepping up (3 steps) into the galley and then down (4 steps) into the owner’s double cabin with ensuite in the foc’sle area. Below the galley (amidships) is the engineroom, accessible from a stairwell in the saloon. Going aft 6 steps up from the galley one reaches a landing and it’s either into the guest double stateroom with ensuite or up 3 more steps to the pilothouse.

Both levels have lounging decks aft, “cockpit” is probably not the correct term to describe areas in which relaxation is key and working the ship a secondary function. Alongside the galley (both P & S) are the vestigial waist decks, with bulwark gates for access. There are steps up from here to the foredeck from where there are more steps up the pilothouse deck and further up to the boat deck. The mast/derrick is intended to lifting and lowering the dinghy to and from the water.

Principal Characteristics:
LOA - 11.735m (38’ 6.0”)
DWL - 11.67m (38’ 3.5”)
Beam - 5.31m (17’ 4.0”)
Draft - 1.067m ( 3’ 6.0”)
Displacement - 63500 kg (140 000 lbs)
Power - Twin Cummins 4B 80 Hp @ 2800 rpm
Fuel Capacity - 4470 litres (1180 US Gallons)
FW Capacity - 4654 litres (1230 US Gallons)
Hull Material - Aluminium Alloy 5083 H116/H321