DVD 51′ Alloy Sloop

This concept design was done very hastily over a weekend for an experienced yachtsman on a brief visit to NZ. His objective was to build a no-fuss, fast cruiser for single-handed ocean crossings interspersed with occasional shorter cruises with partner aboard.

We wanted to keep the boat as easily driven as possible with an easily handled rig (no macho stuff here). The result is a long, narrow boat which should comfortably reel off the miles, in the manner of Bill Garden’s “Oceanus”. The overall style, however, is modern, with short ends to maximise the speed potential.

Central to the philosophy of this vessel is that the construction be absolutely bulletproof and for this reason the aluminium alloy scantlings will be substantial. The fin keel is of moderate aspect with integral ballast in a widened bulb at the tip. The rudder will be a balanced spade. This vessel can be arranged with three or even four fully watertight bulkheads to maximise safety in a damage situation. I would go so far as to say that unsinkability is eminently achievable.

The raised deckhouse with aft end overhang will permit a comfortable and dry place to keep watch from. The chart table is to starboard at the forward end of the deck saloon and can be fitted with autopilot steering and watchkeeping for really bad weather.
As this boat will be sailed shorthanded there is no attempt to provide more than the owner’s cabin which will largely be used in port. At sea, the saloon settees would be used for sleeping, so the skipper can be near the action at all times.

Overall, this boat will not appeal nor be suitable to all tastes. However, if your purpose is to sail shorthanded to extreme locations then something along these lines should be considered.

Principal Characteristics:
LOA - 15.8 m (51’ 10”)
LOD - 15.5 m (50’ 10.2”)
DWL - 14.3 m (46’ 11”)
Beam - 3.60 m (11’ 10”)
Draught - 2.00 m (6’ 10”)
Sail Area - 108.4 m² (1167 sq. feet)
Power - Nanni SD 5.208E (62 Hp)
Displacement - 12 500 Kg (27 558 lbs)
Hull Material - Aluminium Alloy 5083 H321/H116