DVD 9m (30′) D-FENDER RIB – Design # 068

Not a new design but rather a much modified version of our successful 30’ QRV RIB. This boat has polyethylene D-Shape fenders instead of the air filled collar system used on the QRV RIB. In addition the powering has changed from the Inboard Diesel/Waterjet to a twin outboard installation.

The end result is a vessel with a larger cockpit due in part to the absence of the engine box but also as a result of the reduced intrusion of the circular section air collar. The latter also increases the athwartships space in the cabin areas by over 200mm.

These changes were commissioned by VeeCraft Marine in Cape Town, South Africa who will be producing the boat for a variety of purposes, the first one being used for diving excursions where the extra deck space will come in handy. They will also be building a standard waterjet version similar to the 30’ QRV as well as exploring sternleg options.

Principal Characteristics:
LOA – 8.98m (29’ 5.4”)
Length Alloy – 8.00m (26’ 3”)
DWL – 7.22m (23’ 8.4”)
Beam – 2.87m ( 9’ 5”)
Beam Alloy – 2.36m ( 7’ 9”)
Draft - 0.43m ( 1’ 5”)
Deadrise - 18°
Fuel Capacity – 493 litres (130 gallons)
Displacement - 3000 Kg (6613 lbs)
Hull Material - Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy
Fender - Polyethylene foam core/Polyurethane covering skin