DVDesign # 103 – 50′ Alloy Cruising Catamaran


This new design, still in the early concept stage, was recently started for a U.S. based client. Many people have now seen and commented favourably on the larger 62′ ketch-rigged Cat which we did a few years ago, which incidentally has now completed her homeward voyage from NZ to Maryland, USA.

The requirements for this smaller vessel are for a comfortable, long-range cruising yacht capable of being easily handled by a couple with occasional guests. We are focused on not cramming 4 double cabins into the available space and features such as twin walk-in enginerooms, separated from the accommodation are being considered.

We started with the notion of employing a ketch rig like the larger vessel but have now opted for a simpler cutter rig. Seeing as so much has yet to be finalised, we will curtail this brief description with the sketch below, but remain excited by the possibilities offered with this new design.

Principal Characteristics:
LOA - 15.15m
DWL – 14.50m
Beam – 7.90m

Draft – 0.68m Boards up
Sail Area – Upwind ~ 145m²
Sail Area – Downwind ~ 221 m²
Power - Twin 55 HP Inboard Diesels, Shaft Drive
Hull Material – Sealium Alloy