DVDesign 11.5m (38′) Rescue RIB


Late last year de Villiers Design and the AMF Boat Co. took a road trip to the north of New Zealand and visited with a number of Coastguard units, having discussions surrounding the issues of upgrading their existing operational capabilities by replacing the aging and/or obsolete vessels in which they currently fulfil their duties.

One of these units decided that they needed a larger vessel with increased crew comfort due to the extended nature of the callouts in their operational area. With this in mind we completed the following concept sketches on their behalf.

The result, as is evident in the accompanying conceptual arrangements shows capable alloy RIB whose principal feature is a well-appointed control centre (command station), with shock mitigating seating for 4 crewmembers. There is also a small galley with bench seat opposite for additional crew to shelter out of the weather. There is an extension of this seat into the aft cockpit creating a useful space which will accommodate a patient on a stretcher. Forward of the bridge is a small sleeping cabin and head area. The bunks in the forward cabin will also be large enough for stretchers although the access might be difficult. The aft part of the vessel is all cockpit, with enough length to carry a small tender if required, particularly if the transom was made to fold down onto the boarding platform. There is an option for a flybridge above the wheelhouse to deploy a couple of crewmembers to a higher vantage point.

The deep cockpit sole is only feasible if the engines are “in-line” on the centreline of the hull deadrise. This is only possible with the use of special belt drive/gearbox units developed in Norway. Propulsion is via twin Hamilton 292 waterjets.

It is quite likely this boat will never be built as the choice of a new vessel in the Coastguard is largely political and furthermore, is subject to funding issues. Nevertheless we remain committed to finding the best possible solutions to the particular requirements and challenges faced by the Coastguard here in NZ.

Principal Characteristics:
LOA - 11.5m (37’ 9.0”)
Length (Alloy) - 11.25m (36’ 11.0”)
DWL - 9.45m (31’ 0.0”)
Beam - 3.93m (12’ 11.0”)
Beam (Alloy) - 3.21m (10’ 6.0”)
Draft - 0.71m ( 2’ 4.0”)
Deadrise - 21 °
Displacement - 7500 kg (16535 lbs)
Power - Twin Yanmar 370 Hp driving Twin 292 Hamilton Jets
Fuel Capacity - 1250 litres (330 US Gallons)
Sprint Speed - 38 knots
Cruise Speed - 31 knots
Hull Material - Marine-Grade Aluminium Alloy