DVDesign 62′ Alloy Cruising Cat – Design # 067


This magnificent cat is our first real foray into the realm of cruising catamaran design and what a statement she is going to make. We worked closely with the owner’s to accommodate all of their requirements for ocean cruising into what you see here. We believe the end result finely balances the needs for speed under sail, seaworthiness, construction practicality, spacious accommodation all in a reasonably cost efficient package.

In addition to the ocean cruising role the vessel will double as a research platform, visiting far out of the way places filming, observing and studying as required. The boat will need to be independent of the shore for lengthy periods with a large crew and thus the interior is a reflection of this need for self sufficiency. The port hull is given over to crew/researchers, with a double forward and a dormitory cabin (4 singles) aft.

The starboard hull is for the family, with the kid’s cabin aft and the owner’s forward. The bridge deck, naturally is the meeting place and houses the galley, dinette, settee, chart area etc. Also featured is a forward cockpit, in keeping with recent trends for this type of vessel.

In terms of damaged stability this boat is just about as good as it gets. We have a watertight collision bulkhead up forward and then the forepeaks are separated from the rest of the accommodation by a watertight bulkhead. Similarly the aft enginerooms are separated from the accommodation spaces making for 3 watertight bulkheads in each hull.

The ketch rig was chosen for several reasons, not least being the fact that the owner has previously circumnavigated on the ketch-rigged monohull. In terms of a large cat such as this one it is not a silly idea to keep the sail areas to manageable proportions and also increasing the options for reducing sail area in stronger winds. Initially we had the mainmast limited to 64’ off the water to enable the vessel to navigate the ICW but we have since discarded that idea in favour of increasing the sail area for lighter breezes. Aside from these considerations we feel that the ketch rig also looks good too!!

Perhaps the biggest difference between this boat and other big cruising cats is that she will be built from marine-grade aluminium alloy. In this case , to keep the weight down we are using Sealium alloy which is 15 to 20% stronger than the conventionally utilised 5083 grade. Recent price increases for petroleum-based products (resins and composites) will mean that building a one-off structure such as this in alloy will be cost effective and not break the bank. In terms of her cruising objectives the boat will be tough and safe and yet not overly heavy, just what the client’s are after.

We are looking forward to a long and successful cruising career for this spectacular design.