Long-Awaited New Cruising Catamaran Design – 525 Alloy SailCat – DVDesign#163


This new concept is our response to the most “requested” cruising boat design from amongst the many enquiries we get each month.
Just another catamaran design I hear you say……..well, not really, when you consider that this concept design differs from the typical production fiberglass boat in several key areas. Having said that we find it hard to stray far from the proven concepts inherent to our successful 2008 62’ Cruising Cat Design (see photo’s).
In a nutshell the 525 Alloy SailCat features the following:
1. 6 Watertight Bulkheads for unparalleled safety.
2. Low Centre of Effort Ketch Rig which in effect means a much reduced overturning moment……
3. Smaller individual sail areas means that this relatively large Cat can easily be managed by a couple. Just drop the mainsail and the result is a snug rig, able to carried up to storm force conditions.
4. Unmatched underwing (bridgedeck) clearance. Little or no slamming in a seaway. Trust me this is a feature you want on long voyages for peace and quiet and comfort.
5. All of the benefits of a rugged, commercial-grade alloy hull and deck structure – low maintenance, strong and ductile hull material, abrasion and puncture resistant – just try hitting a reef on your glass boat.
6. No osmosis or core delamination or leaks.
7. Reduced maintenance especially if hull is left unpainted.
8. Straight and simple driveshaft…….no saildrives need apply here! Engines separated from accommodation space in dedicated enginerooms aft in each hull.
9. Props protected behind 20mm Alloy Plate Skeg
10. Solid 3 ½” Alloy rudderstocks……
11. 11 to 1 LWL to BWL Ratio……
12. Signifcantly improved performance numbers rivalling the best in class. 250 nautical mile days will be easily achievable. More time for cruising the islands when you get there……..
13. Performance options available ie. daggerboards, wing masts etc.
14. Lower cost to build than an equivalent custom composite boat.
15. Emphasis on performance over voluminous (overweight) accommodations……
So there it is……we are extremely excited about the possibilities for this new design and we believe that she will prove to be at least as successful as our 62’ Cat Design…..albeit in a smaller, more affordable and more manageable size. If you are considering a cruising catamaran then this has to be close to the top of your list.