STRONG 45′ Alloy Cutter – DVD#061

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Over the years we’ve done a few projects with FairMetal Boats in Michigan. This able cruising cutter was designed for a knowledgeable client who had approached FairMetal wanting a solid cruising boat which would appeal to a wide variety of cruisers and which could therefore be produced in some numbers.

Central to the philosophy of this boat is it’s construction method which is, in effect, based on the “Strongall” system developed by Meta in France. FairMetal Boats is licensed to produce boats under this name in North America. So here we have a rock solid hull which is heavily plated in aluminium alloy but still easy to build by virtue of the relative absence of framing inside the boat. The hull shape is a single chine, so chosen to facilitate plating with ½” sheet material. Some may not like this feature but the chine is only visible aft for about 1/5 of the overall length.

In general the features of this boat could best be described as moderate. The draft is not excessive, the rig is not too tall and so on. If you’re intent on racing then this is not the boat for you. However, there’s a vast number of cruising sailor’s out there who want to cruise in comfort and with a sense of absolute security in their vessel. This is that boat.

Essentially she is an aft cockpit, raised saloon cutter rigged cruising yacht. There’s still some debate as to the ideal interior and hence the various options shown. Early in the concept design process we rejected the more modern open transom in favour of a counter stern. In keeping with today’s requirements for easy access to the water a transom door with integral steps is envisaged. However, the modern version cannot be discounted and the outboard profile is also shown as an option.

For more information on the philosophy of this unique vessel, please visit the Strong Yachts website.

Principal Characteristics:
LOA - 13.95 m (45’ 9.5”)
LOD - 13.73 m (45’ 0.5”)
DWL - 12.55 m (41’ 2.0”)
Beam - 4.15 m (13’ 7.5”)
Draught - 1.81 m ( 5’ 7.0”)
Sail Area - 94.2 m² (1014 sq. feet)
Power - 55 Hp
Displacement - 14 000 Kg (30 864 lbs)
Hull Material - Aluminium Alloy 5083 H321/H116
SA/Displ. - 16.5
Disp/Length - 200