WALK ON 43′ Steel Cutter – Design # 047


What better name for a world cruising boat than “WALK ON” from the U2 album entitled “All that you can’t leave behind” With the spaciousness to be found on this comfortable cruiser I suspect that none of the creature comforts one is accustomed to ashore will need to be left behind.

We have recently completed the design of this capable bluewater passagemaker for a client in Brazil. Primary objectives were for a rugged, cutter-rigged cruising sailboat with an overall length not exceeding 43 feet. An important feature required was for a raised deck-saloon from which the views would be unsurpassed. Furthermore, as the boat will primarily be cruised by a couple (with occasional guests in port and on short coastal cruises) the interior layout need not emulate that of a charter boat which attempts to cram in 3 or 4 double cabins each with en-suite heads. Having become as acquainted as one can (via email and telephone) with the clients for this boat I can best describe them as being totally laid back and I’m sure many friends will “Walk On” as she meanders about the planet.

Mindful of the difficulties of shaping sheet metal we have drawn a true radius-chine hull in which the chine panel has a constant radius of 950mm (37 3/8”). This will result in an easy-to-fabricate structure which is indistinguishable from a fully round-bilged boat upon completion. The hull and deck structure will be from steel with scantlings in excess of ABS and Lloyd’s Register requirements, more than satisfying the requirement for a robust, seaworthy vessel. As usual in our recent design there is a full package of CNC cutting files available to facilitate the construction process.

Performance-wise this boat has a powerful rig with a considerable sail area which is necessary to drive the not so inconsiderable displacement. The owner has participated in numerous coastal passage races in Brazil and was keen to carry a large asymmetrical spinnaker for the light conditions often found on those shores. Thus we have designed a retracting bow prod enabling a rather large gennaker spinnaker to be carried, something not often seen on a cruising yacht, least of all a steel one! The waterline has a fine entry angle at the bow and is as long as possible to maximize the speed potential as well as distributing the considerable displacement efficiently over the full length. The resulting hull shape will reduce pitching upwind and the powerful stern sections will enable the boat to be pushed hard downwind, with spinnaker or poled out headsails.

As shown in the accompanying plan, the spacious interior is typical of this type of vessel but what is not readily apparent is the amount of elbowroom all round. Both double berths are over 2000mm (6’ 7”) in length. Headroom is at least 1900mm (6’3”) throughout. With such a small crew to cater for there was no need to fit a second head compartment into the boat (or, for that matter, a third sleeping cabin). This “bathroom” is therefore quite spacious with a separate shower stall and slatted “sauna-style” seat. The galley is also very generous for a boat of this size and although on a lower level than the saloon there is no division (bulkhead) above the dinette backrest to isolate the cook from any interesting social activities. Those working in this galley will benefit from it’s location at the centre of motion with consequently reduced pitching and rolling.

The cockpit is T-shaped with access to the boarding platform from either side of the helm seat. The latter houses the liferaft in a dedicated stowage locker which opens out on to the swim platform. The aft face of this locker is a natural place to mount a Monitor windvane on the aft face of this structure. The large lazarette is accessible from the port cockpit seat. The cockpit drains directly onto the boarding platform thus eliminating the need for additional through hull fittings. Notable too is the overhang of the deckhouse top and sides which result in a permanent, built-in spray dodger. Both cockpit seats are 1850mm in length and will be ideal for sleeping outdoors in the tropics.

In the final analysis we believe that this boat should be a more than adequate platform for her owner’s to enjoy the good life of living aboard and cruising the world in an able and comfortable vessel.

Principal Characteristics:
LOA - 13.16 m (43’ 2”)
LOD - 13.0 m (42’ 8”)
DWL - 11.96 m (38’ 9”)
Beam - 4.23 m (13’ 8”)
Draught - 1.8 m (5’ 11”)
Displacement - 15000 Kg (33069 lbs)
Power - Yanmar 4JH4E (55Hp @ 3000 rpm)
Sail Area - 91.33 m² (983 sq. feet)
Wetted Surface - 48 m² (517 sq. feet)
Ballast - 4000 kg (8818 lbs)
Immersion Rate - 328 kg/cm (1314 lbs/inch)
Fuel Capacity - 500 litres (132 U.S. Gallons)
Water Capacity - 500 litres (132 U.S. Gallons)
Dynamic Stability Factor - 83 (40 = lower limit recommended for ocean voyaging)
Prismatic Coefficient - 0.53
Displacement/Length Ratio - 244
Sail Area/Displacement Ratio - 15.3
Sail Area/Wetted Surface Area Ratio - 1.9